Our Services

We offer a range of services, tailored to the needs of your individual projects.

Arccadd Office

At ARCCADD, we specialize in plan-to-permit services for developers of high performance commercial and industrial assets in Canada. The scope and needs of your project will determine which of these services are relevant to you:

Corporate Brand

Your brand is integral to your company’s identity and success. Through consultation and research, we learn your brand standards to ensure the completed project is a seamless addition to your portfolio.


Thorough assessment, analysis, and consultation allows us to plan functional, efficient interior spaces that meet the needs of occupants, maximize available space, and consider future growth or change.

Feasibility Studies

With the provided surveyor or staking plan, we complete a thorough review of local by-law and zoning requirements to determine the highest and best use for your chosen building site.

Preliminary Design
& Development

We work with you to develop your project’s functional program, incorporating building codes and regulatory requirements. Drawings are then further refined to communicate the design concepts.


Building on ARCCADD’s 30-plus year history of technical drafting expertise, we ensure all pricing, working/construction, and permit drawings are produced with accuracy and attention to detail.

& Coordination

Every project comes with its own unique set of needs and challenges. Our team capably handles tenant demising solutions, design project management, and engineering drawing/document coordination.


Providing a realistic representation of how your project will look in its environment, we use this tool to communicate plans and effectively collaborate with you on design revisions and refinements.

Construction Phase

During construction, we can provide on-site architectural visits and shop drawing reviews, as required. As well, we maintain an open line of communication with consultants and contractors.

With the goal of seeing your project through to its successful completion, we pay careful and timely attention to document checking and coordination at every stage in the process.